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Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto-Insurance Services

Impact Insurance can provide insurance cover for all Automobiles of your business, company, or organization. We have built a solid reputation for efficiency and our Commercial Auto-Insurance policies are made to suit your needs.

Commercial Auto-Insurance is an agreement between you and Impact Insurance to provide coverage for your properties such as cars, trucks among others. On the commercial scale, it covers all the cars, trucks and other automobiles used in a large organization.

These Commercial Auto-Insurance Services are specially provided in exchange for affordable premiums at Impact Insurance.

These Commercial Auto Insurance services are specially provided in exchange for affordable premiums at Impact Insurance.

Impact Insurance Agency

Why You Need Commercial Auto-insurance Services

The biggest motivation for this service lies in the uncertainties that surround the use of Automobiles. While you can plan your time and life, it is important to allow Impact Insurance to provide financial coverage against the following uncertainties.


Auto Insurance provides coverage against theft when an automobile, belonging to your organization, is stolen. Our Insurance company will share the financial burden of getting a replacement so that you do not feel the financial impact of the loss.

In some cases, items in the automobiles can be stolen, so Auto Insurance is holistic enough to cover even the contents of your automobiles.


Your organization’s cars and other automobiles are often used in going about the organization’s business. A road crash may occur, leading to damages that can have huge financial implications. But with Auto Insurance secured, you need not worry about the financial burdens.


Commercial Auto Insurance also takes care of your financial burdens if a third party is involved in the accident. This includes those in your car when the accident happened and when you mistakenly damage another car or automobile.

How to Access This Service

Impact Insurance knows how to protect Commercial Auto-Insured clients who own fleets of cars and engage in commercial activities. If you are one of them, contact Impact Insurance to get this insurance policy. Call or fill the request a quote. You can also get more updates when you follow us on Facebook. 

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