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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the welfare of workers and employees during their period of active service in an organization.

The rate of workplace-related accidents and injuries is very high. The ILO and employers are concerned about the welfare of their workers that have injuries, disabilities or develop health issues in the course of duty.

It is highly recommended since work-related accidents, ailments and death can occur at any time, thereby generating a huge financial burden for the employees that are not covered by this policy.

Employers who are concerned about their workers’ welfare think of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy. At Impact Insurance, it is our pleasure to bring this service to you.

Why You Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Funding litigations against employers over workplace hazards could be too expensive for employees who have had to spend all they have seeking medical attention for workplace injuries. Litigations are not the best option because they may even take years.

That is why the Workers’ Compensation Insurance, fondly called workers comp, is the friendliest package for employees. It provides disability benefits for those who suffer long term disabilities as a result of injuries sustained or ailments while working.

It also provides missed wage replacement for those employees that missed their wages due to work-related injuries and hazards.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy also makes provision for death benefits to the beneficiaries of deceased employees and workers who die as a result of workplace injuries and hazards.

Getting Efficient Workers Compensation Insurance

A scheme that provides medical benefits to employees, arranges wage replacement, and gives death benefits must be good for all employees.

Impact Insurance is ready to offer you this service. Simply contact the company through the phone number provided or fill the request quote form.

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